Chars Christmas Wish 2016

Another year goes by and once again I take a moment and look back on the events that highlighted my year. I’ve been in Arizona for a few years now but still have a place in the Great Pacific Rain Forest aka Washington State, and last spring I attended the wedding of one of Amber’s grade school friends who was like a second daughter to me. Such a lovely time! I ended up staying there for a big part of the summer spending time with an old friend who had cancer. In September she passed and I was thankful for all the time and laughter we shared.


As I was about to head home I learned that my mentor, Ceasar Salicchi, the Elko County Treasurer from 1971 – 2006, had also passed at the age of 89. It was bittersweet attending his funeral and hearing the wonderful stories about this great man. I met him at the tax foreclosure sale in 2001 when he was a young 74! I bought several properties for minimum bid and afterwards he asked me afterwards what I was going to do with them and I told him sell them on eBay!

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