The 3 Birthday Queens!

3 birthday ladies

Well it’s almost over, living my first year in my 50’s and on July 12th I will be 51! I actually looked forward to seeing the end of my 40’s and welcomed the 50’s! Those who have followed us for a few years know why and our new customers can go thru the old newsletters to get the gossip! Ha!

My 50’s have been good to me! They started out with a bang as one of my best friends also turned 50 that same week and her niece was having a birthday. We had a party in the woods up at Mt Baker, Washington. The best part looking back almost one year ago is I was surrounded by LOVE!

My daughter Amber with a few friends and my foster sister Lorna with Ma and Pa who took me in when I ran away from home when I was in high school.


A few of my best friends from high school looking like angels and the other angel celebrating her birthday!


Marv’s 86 year old grandmother – what a treat she came all the way from Arizona! And my girlfriend I’ve been playing with since before I was 5 years old and we’re still playing!


As I sit here writing this with four days to go, I’m once again up at my little getaway in the woods! It’s rained for weeks here in the Great Pacific Rain Forest and I’m sure it’ll be raining this weekend too! But I won’t let a little rain ruin the fun! Bright side is all this rain means no fire ban so game on with S’mores!


Thanks to all my customers who keep this 50 year old fabulous & having fun!

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